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Restaurants in the center of Minsk


09 April 2019

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Our Apartment for rent is the most center of Minsk. Discover the best restaurants nearby!

1. Draniki

драники минск

The restaurant of national cuisine “Draniki” is an atmospheric place for those who wish to try dishes that have been beloved for centuries in Belarus. Good authentic cuisine, excellent service, home furnishings – the place is designed not only for the guests of the country, but also for the Belarusians who have missed their favorite dishes in a professional version with notes of the author’s cuisine. The convenient location on Freedom Square in the historical center of Minsk makes the restaurant attractive for tourists and city dwellers. The authentic style of the restaurant is also supported in the interior, decorated with patterns in folk style and high level of service. “Draniki” is a restaurant where you can taste classic Belarusian dishes. and Lithuanian cuisine.

2. Restaurant lounge ``Manon-bar``

манон бар минск

The concept of this place does not imply an extensive menu, but what the kitchen offers will not leave you indifferent. From the hot, you can taste the burgers with a generous beef cutlet, homemade cheese and an impressive portion of potatoes and salad, but if you want to experience aesthetic pleasure, then excellent lobster is exactly what you are looking for. In addition, in the open kitchen, rolls will be prepared for you and sushi, half of which are according to the author’s recipe.

The cocktail bar card will surprise you no less, because there are author cocktails with names from 1 to 10 and non-standard serving: you can drink any cocktail both in the classical form and in a smaller version those – to a shot (which will be served on the company) or even in the form of a “frozen”  beverage. Manon bar is a good solution for those who want to sit in a cozy atmosphere in the evening with a quiet background blues or jazz, and for those who burn soul to dance well at night under the quality house-music in its various directions.

3. Restaurant ``Hrai Cafe``


Hrai-Cafe – a restaurant of Belarusian cuisine and culture in the heart of Minsk, where you have to go. The restaurant’s guests can not only taste the most delicious dishes of Belarusian cuisine, but also get acquainted with the national culture: there are regular concerts, exhibitions and presentations in “Hrai-Cafe” and other events that reflect the diversity of the Belarusian culture.

The “Hrai-Cafe” offers dishes of the Belarusian and European cuisine. Specialties of the institution, which you should definitely try – “Nemanskiy Sudak”, “Rudka in Vilenka” and others. From 12.00 to 16.00 on weekdays, in “Hrai-Cafe” there is a lunch menu that includes dishes of Belarusian, European and home cooking.

4. Restaurant ``Il Patio``


This cozy place is an Italian restaurant, where food is a colorful show. Here, even a light snack requires appropriate clearance. Allow yourself not just breakfast, lunch or dinner, but a holiday with surprises and pleasures, a religious rite that needs to be shared with someone. In the bright, fiery, filled with hints of passion, the interior of the IL Patio has the smell of pesto sauce. Soft light, thoughtful music, baroque décor, light brick colors create a cozy family atmosphere of Italian hospitality.

In the restaurants of this chain guests are offered dishes from various regions of Italy: light salads, various snacks, real pizza cooked in the oven, more than ten types of pasta, as well as grilled meat, fish and seafood.

5. Restaurant U Ratushy 0.5

у ратуши 0.5

At the Town Hall – a restaurant in the historic building in the style of an old traditional beer pub, with national cuisine in the author’s interpretation. The restaurant positions itself as a gastronomic resort – in the Restaurant at the Town Hall you can try dishes of Old Belarusian and European cuisines. Here they rely on a non-trivial selection of dishes and their own recipe.

6. Cafe `` Stolle``

Штолле Минск

Pie-cafe “Stolle” is located on International Street. The menu offers dishes of Russian and European cuisines. Specialties are available. Here you can celebrate any celebration, gather the whole family, or just go to the lunch break. You can find a lot of different kinds of pies, hot drinks, homemade soups and much more in this cafe. In addition, unobtrusive music plays here and an atmosphere of comfort and relaxed atmosphere reigns. The institution works without lunch and weekends.

7. Bistro de Luxe

де люкс

Tasty, European-way stylish and cozy.

8. U Frantsiska

у франциска

Cafe “U Franciska” is a cozy place in the very center of Minsk, where you can plunge into the atmosphere of the history of authentic cuisine of the Belarusian gentry, taste author’s and traditional dishes. “U Franciska” is one of the first restaurants of the Belarusian cuisine, which will acquaint visitors and residents of the city with the history and culture of the country, as well as help them to go back in time. We offer you to evaluate not only the atmosphere, but also the unique supply of dishes, which is a distinctive feature of the institution.

9. T.O.C.H.K.A

Кафе ТОЧКА Минск

“T.O.CH.K.A.” – urban cafe with an understandable gastronomic cuisine, sociable bar and fair prices. The establishment is distinguished by a convenient location in the city center (30 meters from our apartment in Minsk!), Friendly attitude to the guest and love for Belarusian products, which are skillfully prepared by a team of professionals, and the constant availability of special offers. In warm weather, visitors can also stay at the terrace.

The menu of the cafe provides hits of European cuisine and favorite masterpieces of Belarusian cuisine in a modern interpretation.

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